Investment casting also called lost wax casting, is one of our core competencies. Investment casting/lost wax casting is a manufacturing process that is used to create complex shapes that may have thin walls in a quick and cost effective way. As the name “casting” implies it is a process of pouring molten liquid metal into a mold. The “lost wax” term comes from the use of a wax master to create a mold. The wax is melted out of the mold once the ceramic coating that forms the mold is dry.

We always achieve high quality results by using Toyota Production System (TPS), Pre Production Approval Procedure (PPAP) and Process Control Plan (PCP). These procedures are used to evaluate and eliminate any variation in the process, and guarantee the quality of the final product. Our commitment to strictly follow these quality management procedures is more than requirements on ISO9001 quality system. We can offer both low volume and high volume production quantities.

Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting)

Pre-Production samples/prototypes

We are able to provide samples without having to invest in the tooling for making an injection mould tool for the wax master. We are able to 3d print a small number of wax masters, from which we can provide investment cast parts, which can be used to provide samples for testing and evaluation during the design phase. We can do this for both steel and titanium parts. We can also HIP treat the parts in small volume, the samples are truly representative of production parts.

Materials Available

Stainless steel in many alloys including but not limited to: 303, 17-4, 420, 430,440, Tool Steels and Titanium alloys, Like Ti6V4AL. Material from every pour is tested using OES technology this a standard part of the process. All test results are well documented and traceable. The correct material choice will depends upon the customer’s application, assistance available upon request. Post heat treatment/hardening is done on site in a controlled environment producing parts within the hardness range from 28 up to 60 HRC ( Hardness Rockwell scale C ).

Secondary Operation

After casting the parts may need to be machined to achieve some precise dimensions, threads may also need to be added. The surface finish may need to be improved for parts with visual surfaces. A variety of finishes including high gloss polishing, sand blasting, brushed finish, painting, nickel or chrome plating and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) are all done on site to the highest possible standards under controlled processes. In addition, the physical properties may need to be improved. This can been achieved by using Hot Isostatic Processing, this process improves the density of the casting and is recommended for parts that are designed for use in demanding situations.


Lead-Time Of Investment Casting Mold: On average we can design and machine a mold in 15 days! Notwithstanding, the complexity of the product plays a part. Lead-Time Of Samples: Additional 2 weeks to provide the first final samples. Production lead-time: normally 500pcs to 2000pcs per day per production line. Again, determined by complexity of product.

Quality Assurance

Investment casting and the secondary operations can be a very long process and also a labor intensive job. Investment casting has the potential for process variations. To ensure consistency, we apply auto industry quality procedures including:

Process Control Plan (PCP): Defines the process flow and determines the detailed inspection points of each process. We use this procedure together with working instructions to make sure every operator and inspector clearly understands what should be done and when. Quality management of the process results in a defect free product.

Pre Production Approval Procedure (PPAP): Used on all projects in our company. This procedure is to make sure all needed samples and documents are available. It’s also used to evaluate all key process by doing analysis of the collected data.

Toyota Production System (TPS): Used to define the layout of each production line and also define how a part goes though the whole process to improve the production efficiency. Also it clearly defines what each process doing.

Material Testing: Each batch of material is tested by an optical emission spectrometer right before casting to guarantee the material content is within the correct range. This process is part of our standard process control plan and results are well documented.

Production Development Cycle

Once we receive an order we follow a strict procedure that has proved to be effective. The design engineers evaluate the product and design the mold.

Tool Making: The mold for making the wax master is made using the latest CAD/CAM technology and equipment including 5 axis DMG CNC milling machines.

Mold Trial: The mold is injected with wax to create the initial wax masters. These parts are fully inspected using optical measuring equipment by Metrology experts. Modifications may need to be made for very complex parts. The cycle continues until the wax molding is within acceptable parameters. A sample run of wax masters will be molded for next round of trials.

Making The "Shell" Or Mold: The master craftsman will oversee and document the first shell making process. Once the mold is ready, the project will move progressively through the facility, being processed by the technical leaders in each department, all process parameters being fully documented. When the first batch is complete, they are fully inspected and all data collected is analysed, any issues are addressed in team meetings and remedial action is designed and implemented as required. Then the process is repeated until defect free parts are produced.

Our Clients

Amazing Customer Testimonials

We met with Luke Cole from COLETEK and very quickly realised that he was very knowledgeable in robotics and prototyping. What separates his company from the rest, is that he had a unique value proposition - COLETEK offers a tele-operated / robotic unit for rent and with the flexibility to be modified to build proof-of-concepts. That unit lowered both the cost and time for us to produce a video showing a very challenging concept. In general COLETEK's service was great value. We would recommend them - they will get it done.

Miguel Araos Miguel Araos
Mining3, Brisbane

We engaged COLETEK to conduct a series of research projects on robotics and we very pleased with their technical skill, creative thinking and hard work. If you need to prototype a complex technical idea, they are a great partner to work with.

thumb Stephen Phillips
Mawson Ventures, Brisbane

We had the pleasure of doing business with COLETEK who provided us with service work. Their level of service and the quality of their work is exceptional. They communicated with us through the entire process to let us know when the work would be completed. We are very happy to have worked with them.

thumb Steve Sennett
RPX Technologies Inc., Oklahoma, USA

As the proprietor a DIY environmentally pest control products business I have been more then impressed with COLETEK's design capability and professionalism in assisting to realise an idea into reality. From concept, CAD drawings, 3D modelling, alterations right through to the finished product. I am extremely happy with our new termite control product. I have no hesitation in recommending COLETEK's services.

thumb Paul Faranda
EBC Enviro Bug Control, Northern Rivers

I consulted COLETEK for some work, commencing in 2014, and haven’t looked back. The project was very important to me, and COLETEK not only saw that but exuded sincere enthusiasm about the project; they are attentive, and thorough in their research and development service. They are a wealth of information and advice, for many aspects of the entire engineering and commercialization space, and this has been invaluable to me. I look forward to continuing work with them long into the future!

thumb Josh Goicoechea
Evios Pty Ltd, Brisbane

In the development of our new product Smart Syphon we had a tight deadline to launch the commercial version of our product and experienced some issues with our drawings. Luke and his team dealt with the issues, worked through the week-end and delivered a quality outcome on time.

thumb Gavin Kelly
Islex Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane

Our company has been working with COLETEK and Luke Cole for several years. Luke is very intelligent in many areas and has provided us with excellent designs and service. With the addition of a marketing section to provide brochures, packaging, etc. COLETEK is a one-stop shop. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Luke and his company.

thumb Adrian Morgante
Intelligent Inventions Ltd, Gold Coast

COLETEK have provided one to one communication throughout the development process and gone above and beyond in bringing our ideas closer to becoming a reality! Luke's expertise and knowledge with computer software and electronics is Jedi like, but what I liked most about working with him was his willingness and ability to think outside of the box.

thumb Jarrod Stephens

Great prototype product made to our specs with minimal fuss. Delivered on time and within budget. Thanks team.

thumb Mike Haines
Haines Video Productions, Sunshine Coast

I would thoroughly recommend COLETEK they provided me with excellent feedback and engineering knowledge with regards to our idea. They also have continued to help us with what direction we should take and introduced us to other professionals that have also guided us. I suggest anyone who has been thinking of something they would like to pursue should contact them to get the most realistic approach of making it successful.

Greg Franich

I had a technical design and prototype job I needed done and had contacted two companies in Brisbane before I discovered COLETEK. From my first conversation with Luke, I knew that he was the best person for the job and he delivered under budget and within the required timeframe. The device he manufactured for my company will save us thousands of dollars and it is highly likely that we will on-sell the device to similar organisations. I recommend COLETEK for any design and prototype work you can imagine for your business.

thumb James Hourigan
Eraza Laser, Townsville

We worked with Luke from COLETEK to develop a prototype for a new venture. Luke was able to give us practical advice on how to execute the project inline with our budget that was super useful. What has been endearing, is that even after the build was complete, Luke continues to touch base with us offering help to keep the momentum of the project going forward.

thumb Matthew Hayden
Conversion Kings, Brisbane

Thank you for the fast and efficient service you have provided us over the years for 3D printing prototypes of specialised containers we are developing to manufacture. The 3D printing has been beneficial in perfecting and obtaining the perfect containers to suit the purpose and our needs.

thumb Linda Lonsdale
Rowdy's, Tweed Coast

After approaching COLETEK with a few sketches of a plumbing tool I had in mind Luke and I immediately bounced a few ideas around. Leaving things with Luke he quickly produced some 3D images and ideas we subsequently used. Before long COLETEK produced an operational 3D printed prototype of the tool. I was then able to use this prototype to seek funding for further research and development.

Kyle Berryman

We have used COLETEK on a couple of occasions and found their service to be professional and on time. We specialise in engineering and design of height safety equipment and since a lot of parts are made by casting from stainless steel we require a quick model before we proceed with the tool manufacture. COLETEK has been able to provide this quickly saving us valuable time and giving us peace of mind knowing our parts will look right when casted from stainless steel.

thumb Jan Kroupa
Safety Roof Anchors, Sydney

I'm in the early stages of my prototype design. I have worked with Luke for a couple of years now and in that time I have found Luke to be very reliable, responsible with my design, honest and trustworthy. What stood out the most was Luke's pride and commitment that he undertakes to ensure a positive outcome. I consider it a privilege to call Luke an associate and have no hesitation in encouraging others to do the same.

Linda Wells
Sunshine Coast

We recently engaged the services of COLETEK to perform some penetration testing on our systems. We found Luke flexible and accommodating with our specific needs. Luke provide what we needed to show our clients our security measures with our systems. I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke.

thumb Nathan Murray
etrainu, Brisbane

As a leading technology solutions provider we carefully choose our partners to outsource some of our projects. Black Box has partnered with COLETEK in delivering numerous projects. Every single time they have delivered work of highest standard and meet our project deadlines. It's a pleasure to work with COLETEK team headed by Luke and hope to work on many more projects in the future.

thumb Sudhir Kumar
Black Box Network Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne

You can rest assured, knowing that you are about to invest in a great service delivered by absolute professionals. COLETEK are extremely knowledgeable and deliver timely service with a courteous and customer centric approach. I originally employed COLETEK to assist with security camera installation but have since asked their advice on a number of innovative related matters, always with a solution. If you need a team of top tier consultants and service providers, for any technology-based project, then you have come to the right place.

thumb Martin Dominick
The K9 Centre AUS, Brisbane

I have outsourced many projects through COLETEK over the years for a variety of applications. Applications such as a online based software platform that pulls live data feeds and updates in real-time to the user. A custom built website for adding users and products that achieved over 20,000 listings. Mobile applications. Data recovery and hardware repair. Custom SEO services and secure hosting services. I choose COLETEK because I know that a job will get done as requested and within a reasonable time frame. Also I'm a stickler for security and they're the best.

Matthew Krause
Gold Coast